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Term 3 is all about STEAM

At Salisbury House we are focusing on STEAM this term. Our theme is “How Things Work”. At the beginning of the term, each child wrote down questions they would like to know the answer to. We are spending one week on each question.

So far we have looked at the following questions posed by the children:

How does the human digestive system work?

How do human emotions work?

How do people get sick?

How do toilets work?

How does a rainbow work?

How do lights work?

We have undertaken numerous science experiments and done many internet searches in order to answer these questions. This has resulted in a lot of laughter, disgust, and plenty of dirty hands!

Let’s focus on our week learning about rainbows:

We learnt about the science behind how a rainbow appears in the sky. We discussed the concept of a “Monkey’s Wedding” too! We googled rainbow science experiments and followed several YouTub tutorials in order to see how water splits light into the seven colours of the rainbow.

Then it was time to use our imagination. We listened to folktales from around the world relating to rainbows - think: Irish leprechauns and Greek mythology! The children then composed their own stories about the end of a rainbow.

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