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Lego Mania!

So… what has Salisbury House been up to in 2023?

Well, hold onto your chairs, we’ve hit the ground running!

Our theme for the first term was Lego. This all-time favourite childhood toy is not merely a tool to encourage imagination and fine-motor dexterity; it comes with a host of learning opportunities.

We have two Lego lessons a week. These lessons are designed by the Lego company and the aim is to develop children’s early engineering skills, such as designing and building, investigating and solving problems, and exploring machines and their functions. The children have learned about machine parts like wheels, pulleys, and joints while exploring their functions. Most importantly, the lessons have enabled them to become problem solvers, enhancing their creativity through construction and demonstration. Each lesson is structured according to a natural learning flow called the LEGO® Education 4C approach, which promotes successful learning experiences.

Our older children researched and built up a timeline of Lego’s history, from its humble start in Billund, Denmark. They are currently busy with their term project, where they have had to choose a scene from a movie, build it with Lego, and then create a stop motion video of the scene with a script written by themselves.

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