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Multigrade Classroom

Children are taught according to their ability, not their age.

We use the WCED CAPS curriculum:


  • Within each subject we focus on one learning area at a time e.g Mathematics: sequencing. Within CAPS, sequencing is taught from Grade 1 to Grade 7, just on different levels. A Grade 1 child will sequence colour beads on a string while counting them; a Grade 3 child will sequence numbers by counting in 3s etc


  • In our multigrade classroom, if a child is easily achieving the requirements of her/his Grade, we will move them up a Grade level for this learning area. Similarly, if the child is struggling with the Grade level we can start at a lower Grade level and scaffold him/her till they are ready to Grade up.


  • By having all children looking at the same learning area at once, it is easy for us to scale the work up and down to suit each child, not limiting them to doing ALL work on Grade 3 level or all work on Grade 1 level. We do not want to limit children because of their age i.e Differentiate with extension 

  • Similarly, we won’t bump children up a Grade level simply because they are strong in one area. We are experienced enough to know that children are usually stronger in one area than another and the learning experience should be fluid to be able to accommodate this. We ensure that they are AT LEAST keeping up with the minimum requirement of their age appropriate grade level according to CAPS standards. If they need intervention we will provide this or refer out if needed.


  • We work according to best practice, using our collection of knowledge and experience with different programmes, not using one specific program. We borrow methodology from LetterLand, Jolly Phonics, Singapore Maths, Brombacher etc and use the best of each.

Inclusive Environment


We are an inclusive school and welcome children who have special educational and developmental needs. Some children will be welcomed with the prerequisite that the family employs a facilitator (at their own cost) to help the child access the curriculum. The facilitator will need to be interviewed by Salisbury House before being employed.


Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children whose special needs manifest behaviourally at this stage.

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