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Project- Based Learning at Salisbury House

The third term has been a busy one at Salisbury House. Each week we have focused on a different question posed by the children relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Amongst other subjects, we have explored electric circuits using a conventional lithium ion battery and bio batteries. The feeling of accomplishment when a light bulb turned on or a sound chip buzzed was fantastic!

Project-based learning

In the last few weeks of term the children have put their knowledge and inspiration to good use and have designed their own inventions.

After examining a few engineering prototypes, they had to make their own technical drawing of an invention they would like to patent. Once this was complete, they wrote a brochure detailing the specifications of their invention, including the function, what it would look like, the special features and the price. Finally, a demonstration model was made.

To round off the term, each child dressed for success and presented their invention to the class. The aim was to convince the others that it was a purchase worth making. Well done to all the children for their hard work and determination!

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